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Scalp micropigmentation treatment offers a hair loss solution for both men and women who may be suffering from hair thinning or complete baldness. Company founder, Ania Paterak, is an experienced practitioner equip with the necessary skills to restore your hairline, and your confidence.

Trained by the globally renowned Mikro Hair, Ania has built up an incredible reputation for her SMP treatments in Cambridge at Cambridge Scalp Micropigmentation.  With a background in semi-permanent makeup, her artistry ensures that each SMP hair treatment is carried out expertly, offering clients the most natural look possible.

In demand across Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, Ania has met hundreds of clients who have found suffering from hair loss has deeply knocked their confidence. Through these conversations she expanded her cosmetic treatments to include the SMP hair treatment, which has gone from strength to strength.

If you’re wondering how long scalp micropigmentation lasts, it is designed to be a permanent solution for hair loss. The process involves between three to four sessions to ensure the results will meet your expectations. You will approve any pigmentation that takes place, making sure you are happy with the look of your hairline, before, during and after each treatment. Whether you want to use SMP to create a shaved-head look, or you want to add density to your existing hair, this could be the solution for you.

Due to Ania’s unique set of skills, it is easy to see why our scalp tattoos are considered one of the best and our clinics one of the most popular in the UK. Get in touch today to discuss your options.

Scalp Micropigmentation Cambridge

The scalp micropigmentation hair loss treatment for men provides a perfect solution for men suffering from hair loss. It can completely restore your hairline without having to go under expensive surgery and hair transplants. Scalp Micropigmentation Cambridge can provide a solution for various forms of hair loss, alopecia, scalp scars, including those as a result of hair transplant surgery.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a process which involves implanting the pigment into the skin which creates an illusion of hair follicle. The process, which is carried out by highly skilled technician, usually involves 3-4 sessions to give the best possible natural looking well-groomed hairstyle. Our experienced technician will listen carefully to your expectations and will design your hairline that will be best suitable to you. No pigment will be implanted without your complete approval. Our highly skilled technician will make sure you’re 100% happy and confident with the hairline that has been chosen. We, at Scalp Micropigmentation Cambridge believe that our client’s needs and expectations are of the highest priority therefore we will work with you until you’re completely happy with the results.

Scalp micropigmentation looks extremely natural and thanks to its modern technology it’s a perfect solution for male hair loss. It is hassle-free, realistic and cost effective in comparison to other solutions available. Very little maintenance is required and it finally gives the results that you always desired!

The scalp micropigmentation technique has become extremely popular and its taking over the hair loss market. It has helped thousands of men around the globe to restore their hairline which then resulted in a youthful, modern appearance.

Depending on the pattern or extent of their hair loss pigmentation of the scalp can:

- Create the appearance of a fuller, thicker head of hair
- Ecreate a natural, more youthful frontal hairline and side profiles
- Camouflage the symptoms of alopecia, however severe or recurrent
- Cover hair transplant scars from strip or FUE surgery
- Hide birthmarks and accident-related scars or burns

Scalp micropigmentation can also be a fantastic addition to a hair transplant which can provide additional density.

Our clinic provides full consultation and aftercare programme which means you can completely trust us and be 100% confident in choosing our service.

Nothing feels better than knowing that you're in safe hands!



Our sole focus is to ensure all of our clients leave us with the mentality that they can make positive changes to their lives.

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“Excellent! Ania is very professional and helpful. I am so happy with the results. Highly Recommend!”
“Love my new brows. Never in my life have my brows looked so good. Can't wait to get eyeliner done next!”
“Fantastic service today. Thorough and professional and friendly. Really happy with my eyebrows and feeling much more myself!”
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