Eyelash Treatments
Eyeliner enhancement
Eyeliner enhancement is a treatment which will enhance your eyes without the eyeliner look. Very subtle and will open your eyes instantly. It gives a look of a fuller lashes as the pigment is implanted between the lash roots.

Thin/Medium eyeliner
For those who desire more definition this is perfect eye treatment. Ania will analyse the shape of your eye and will choose the best eyeliner style to suit you.
When it comes to the permanent eyeliner services, we offer at Cambridge Micropigmentation Centre, we have two options. The first is a permanent thin or medium eyeliner, which will add definition in a style of your choosing. Ania will analyse the shape of your eye and suggest the perfect eyeliner style to suit your face.

Thin upper eyeliner costs £250, whilst medium to thick upper eyeliner cost £295, and the lower eyeliner costs £250. To include both upper and lower eyeliner, it is £395, and to have a thick ‘latina’ or shaded eyeliner, it costs £350.

The second option is simply an eye enhancement, which works without the eyeliner to provide a subtle enhancement. In this treatment, the pigment is implanted between the lash roots, giving a look of fuller lashes. To opt for both upper and lower eye enhancement, it costs 250. The upper eyelash enhancement only costs £195, with the lower eyelash enhancement at the same price point.

Whether you want to be free of reapplying your eyeliner every day, or you simply struggle to get the look right yourself, permanent eyeliner could be the beauty treatment you’ve been waiting for. This semi-permanent tattoo service will last at least a year, and though it could last two to three years, touch-up treatments are recommended. The initial treatment will take around an hour up to three hours, with our numbing process making it as pain-free as possible.
Whilst healing, you must avoid wearing make-up, though you can go about your usual routine during this time. You’ll notice some black flakes fall over the first few days as it heals, and soon enough you’ll be left with the end result – perfectly enhanced eyes that really stand out from the crowd. To find out more, simply visit our contact page and get in touch today.
Permanent Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement
Eyelash Enhancement Upper & Lower
Upper Eyelash Enhancement
Lower Eyelash Enhancement
Thin Upper Eyeliner
Medium/Thick Upper Eyeliner
Lower Eyeliner
Upper & Lower Eyeliner
Thick latino or shaded eyeliner 



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