Male Eyebrow Reconstruction
Male eyebrow reconstruction has become in demand treatment recently. Whether you suffer from hair loss, alopecia or simply just want to add fulness to your eyebrows, male eyebrow reconstruction is the treatment for you! Don’t worry about eyebrows looking too “feminine”. Ania has worked on many men including alopecia suffered and successfully created masculine type of brows. Recently, Ania has been invited as a conference speaker as a “Male Eyebrow Specialist”, which proves she is one of the very few male eyebrow specialists out there!
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Male Eyebrows

Permanent Eyebrows

The Signature CMC Combination Brow    £350
Male Eyebrow Enhancement/Reconstruction



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“Excellent! Ania is very professional and helpful. I am so happy with the results. Highly Recommend!”
“Love my new brows. Never in my life have my brows looked so good. Can't wait to get eyeliner done next!”
“Fantastic service today. Thorough and professional and friendly. Really happy with my eyebrows and feeling much more myself!”
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