All About Our Permanent Makeup
Here at Cambridge Micropigmentation Centre, although our specialism is in providing micropigmentation as a solution for hair loss, we can also use these technical tattooing skills to offer a wide range of permanent makeup treatments. As part of our permanent makeup and microblading solutions, we can offer permanent eyeliner and eyelash enhancement, permanent eyebrow make-up, and permanent lip colour. To discover more about what you can expect from each treatment, read on.

Permanent Eyeliner and Lashes
Commonly alluded to being the window to the soul, it’s no surprise that permanent makeup for the eye area is so popular. As part of are range of permanent makeup solution we provide customers with both permanent eyeliner treatments and eyelash enhancement. When it comes to eyeliner, you can choose either a thin or medium line, depending on your personal style and taste. This eyeliner is designed to give your eyes definition and style, allowing you to have the look you want every day without the need for any additional liquids or pencils. You can benefit from our expertise, as our application will be based on an analysis of the shape of your eye, so you can select the style that most suits you. We make sure to apply your eyeliner evenly, so you can benefit from a perfectly symmetrical look, which is hard to achieve with pencils and liquids at home. Furthermore, the eye enhancement treatment that we offer can be applied with or without eyeliner. It makes use of subtle pigmentations between the lash roots. The effect that is produces is the appearance of fuller lashes. Our permanent eyeliner tattoo will last at least a year, and with top-up treatments, it could even last two to three years. The initial treatment will take between one to three hours to finish. After this, you should not use make-up as it heals.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup
Our permanent eyebrow treatments are designed for both men and women in mind, depending on individual taste, using a process called microblading as well as blending techniques, depending on your chosen look. For this treatment, we make sure to match the colour of your permanent eyebrows to your natural hair colour, blending in brush strokes seamlessly into your natural brow. We will discuss in detail the different options when it comes to eyebrow make-up, so you can choose a style that best suits you. These treatment options include a powder effect, which not only defines the brow, but fills it out, maintaining a natural arch shape. Whether you want more defined eyebrows, or you have suffered from hair loss in this area, we believe permanent eyebrow make-up can be great for everyone, regardless of gender. We can offer complete eyebrow reconstruction, adding fullness to your eyebrow area, for looks that can be both masculine or feminine.

Permanent Lip Colour
Moving away from the eyes, and further down the face, we reach permanent makeup solutions for the lips. These treatments include lip contouring, lip blush and full lip colour tattoos. The primary aim for lip contouring is to add definition, working like a permanent lip liner. By adding shape and fullness in this way, it can be a foundation for either your own everyday lip products, or alternatively, you can incorporate our permanent blush and colour treatments. Combining both a defined lip line and a blended technique to increase the fullness, our lip blush treatment is our most popular choice, and is subtler than our final option. Our full colour permanent lip tattoo treatment both redefines the contour and lip colour, offering the maximum impact when it comes to having your lips ready for each day.

Contact Us
If you would like more information about the permanent makeup treatments from our Cambridge clinic, please get in touch with the team through our online contact form, or by emailing us at You can also speak to a member of the team directly about your requirements by calling us on either 01223 662255 or 07525 755530. You can also find out more information from our online blog. We would be glad to help you in any way we can.