Micropigmentation Eyebrows - How Long Does It Last?
Here at Cambridge Micropigmentation Centre, we take great care in delivering the best quality semi-permanent makeup, scalp micropigmentation, and microblading. Our team are highly skilled professionals with an expert eye for detail. When you receive a treatment from us, we make sure that it is truly bespoke. We discuss with all clients in detail before every treatment to understand their desired outcome. We want to ensure that all our clients feel they are in safe hands and achieve a truly natural look. Today we want to focus on our Microblading Eyebrows Cambridge services, read on to find out more.
What is Microblading?
Microblading is a type of semi-permanent tattoo used to enhance or create the appearance of a full eyebrow. The technique involves using a tiny blade to create hairlike strokes into the skin. The stoke will mimic the appearance of a strand of eyebrow hair. A natural-looking pigment that matches existing hair or skin tone can be applied to the incision. The incision is not deep and therefore, over time, the pigment will fade. This treatment is suitable for those experiencing hair loss or a reduction in density from over plucking. However, if you are someone who desires fuller brows for aesthetic purposes, this is also a suitable option.
Achieving the perfect brow
Eyebrows play a significant part in framing the face and enhancing our facial features. It is only when we lose our brows, or they thin out that we notice their importance. We want to help all our clients to achieve their perfect brow. Our permanent eyebrows Cambridge treatments are available to all clients. We train our team to take your facial features into consideration to create a brow shape that will suit you. We have a range of natural colour pigments to match a variety of hair tones, including powder effect eyebrows in Cambridge. The treatment can be painful, just like a tattoo, so we will apply a numbing solution to reduce the sensation.
How long does it last?
Because of the nature of the eyebrow tattoo Cambridge treatment, the results are semi-permanent. This is because the pigment is placed into the outer layer of the skin, unlike micropigmentation or a body tattoo, which is much deeper. The pigment we use can last anywhere between 1 to 3 years, but it may start fading after 1.5 years. To achieve a sense of permanence, we recommend you get a touch-up done whenever you see a faded appearance. This can work out a lot cheaper than waiting for the treatment to fully fade.
After your treatment is complete, you will have brows that will always look perfectly shaped and neat, and you will only need to brush the existing hair into place. The skin may scab or swell a bit after the treatment. We advise you to avoid picking any of the scabs, and the swelling will go down. Avoid using any make-up on the area until the skin is fully healed. Using skin exfoliating agents like retinol, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, AHA and BHAs over the brows may speed up fading.
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