Our Training Courses - Permanent Makeup Training Course
Here at Cambridge Micropigmentation, we are specialists in providing a range of semi-permanent cosmetics. We are proud to provide micropigmentation, ideal for hair loss, by providing the hair follicles with colour to give the appearance of short shaved hairs, or thicker hair in balding spots. We also provide microblading, as an alternative to daily cosmetic applications to make brows appear thicker and shaped, using a chosen shade in order to match other makeup preferences perfectly. This makeup application is also available to customers who would like their eyes and lips to have the benefits of a semi-permanent makeup application. The work we perform her at the centre, is as much art as it is a treatment.  We invite students to come and learn the skills to provide the same artistic ability as our very own established practitioners.

In times past, the idea of any permanent markings being placed on the face or head (usually known as a tattoo, but in this context, it is all classed as permanent makeup) would sound like a very bold and perhaps excessive thing to do.  However, things have moved on massivHely in microblading and micropigmentation techniques for beauty therapy.

Permanent Makeup Training

This is due to the fact that the level of precision expected and the training that each beautician receives when choosing to provide this treatment is high.  Therefore, clients that would like to enjoy the convenience of having the makeup they already apply every day, exactly as they would like it at all times, confidently come to professional services, such as ourselves, for this popular beauty treatment. Now we, as trained professionals, are in a position to extend this opportunity to attain this expertise to trainees that are looking for a permanent makeup course. However, having the confidence and professionalism needed to instil trust in clients, is just the first step in gaining the qualification.

There is a permanent makeup training course and microblading training for beginners and advanced students that are run by the beauty training academy, Cambridge Micropigmentation Centre own. When you sign up with us you will be taught by our very own award-winning practitioner Ania Paterak. Ania knows how to provide the permanent makeup training that will enable you to excel in the discipline, not only as regards the techniques, but in your ability to provide your own clients with the same assurance they need to book this non-surgical approach to cosmetics with you. 

Ania’s own qualifications include a BA degree in Makeup Design, as well as many additional qualifications that make her a perfect mentor and teacher. These include her teachers training (otherwise known as ‘PETALS’), an NVQ in Laser treatments, a level 4 in Beauty Therapy and a number of industry advanced masterclasses. These qualifications, and her record as an outstanding makeup artist are what make her the perfect candidate to train others in the same line of work.

Microblading Training For Beginners

The Details of the Courses

Each course will cover the full theory and practice of each treatment. When your teacher has recognised that you have grasped the techniques, are comfortable with the procedures (including the health and safety guidelines), you will then have the chance to demonstrate the application of your training on live models. When the course is done, you will receive the full insurance needed to start earning straight away. Courses also include the needed tools, as well as access to life-long support and advice for your career path.

There are a number of beginners training packages to choose from, and some excellent advanced courses that will help you continue to improve the technique and skill in these treatments.

If you live in or near Cambridge and found us by asking for cosmetic microblading courses near me, then do not hesitate to get in touch and start your career path with us today.