With So Many Advantages to Permanent Eyeliner – Is it Time to Make the Switch?
Research has shown that when you add up all of the time British women spend on doing their make-up, it comes to more than nine days! But, with many of us leading busier lives than ever, this is time that we can little afford to sacrifice. If you're looking to shave precious minutes off your beauty regime whilst achieving a stunning, long-lasting look, permanent make-up could be the answer. And if you really want to make your eyes 'pop' with minimal effort, permanent eyeliner make-up can offer the perfect solution. Of course, the treatment isn't just for women, it's a great option for anyone seeking a way to enhance their best feature.

What is permanent eyeliner?

There are different types of permanent eyeliner tattoo applications available.

When it comes to the permanent eyeliner make-up Cambridge Micropigmentation Centre offers, we have two options:
The first option is a permanent thin or medium eyeliner. This is perfect for you if you're wanting greater definition and will be tailored to best suit the size and shape of your eyes, for maximum impact. You can have eyeliner tattoo applied to your upper and lower lash lines or you might decide just to go for one or the other.
If a subtle look is your thing, we also offer eyeliner enhancement – a treatment that will enhance your eyes without the full eyeliner approach. This will open your eyes instantly and give the impression of fuller lashes, by implanting pigment between your lash roots.

What are the benefits of permanent eyeliner?
  • We've mentioned this already but it's worth saying again – having your eyeliner tattooed can save heaps of time. This part of your make-up regime can be particularly fiddly and, never having to apply liner again, is a real win in terms of time saving.
  • Perfect eyeliner results are tricky to achieve if you're not a professional make-up artist. By opting for permanent eyeliner, you can ensure you get the perfect look, all of the time.
  • Genuinely waterproof make-up is difficult to come by. But when you opt for permanent eyeliner, it's not only swim proof, tear-proof and weather-proof, it will also stay put when you exercise or have a hectic lifestyle.
  • By making your eyes sparkle and drawing attention away from lines and blemishes, eyeliner applied by tattooing can help you to look younger – a result so many of us are trying to achieve.
  • If you want to set off you best features by properly framing your eyes, eyeliner is the go-to product. When it's applied professionally and precisely, it can show off your already beautiful eyes like never before.
Finally, permanent eyeliner treatments can save you money in the long run, because you'll no longer need to keep purchasing eyeliners, or wading your way through different types and brands, in a bid to get the look you demand. With permanent eyeliner, there's an initial outlay but it offers a great return on investment. The treatment will last at least a year, and even longer with touch-ups.

Whatever your motivation for investing in it, permanent make-up can offer a fantastic result, for minimum effort. The initial treatment will take around an hour up to three hours, with our numbing process making it as pain-free as possible. If you're asking yourself, 'where can I find the best eyeliner tattoo near me?' Look no further. With our expertly applied Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo, Cambridge clients can be transformed!

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