How long does scalp micropigmentation last?
Here at Cambridge Micropigmentation Centre, as our name suggests, we specialise in offering our clients scalp micropigmentation. This treatment is used to disguise hair loss and is suitable for whatever stage you may be experiencing. Men and women can suffer from hair loss as part of the natural ageing process, but there may be a number of other reasons this happens, both physical and psychological. Today we are going to focus on how long scalp micropigmentation lasts, including what to expect once your SMP is complete, how to ensure the best results, and whether this is a permanent hair loss treatment.
What to Expect from Your SMP Hair Treatment
Whether you would like to increase your hair density having noticed thinning, or you would like the appearance of a shaved head at various stages of baldness, you can expect your SMP treatment to take three to four sessions to perfect. Creating the illusion of hair follicles, you can enjoy your new hairline, replicating the appearance of hair through the use of ink pigments. Following the treatment, to ensure the best long-lasting results, it is important to follow the aftercare instructions given.
How to Ensure the Best results with Aftercare
After every session, it is normal for the skin to be sensitive, and experience some redness, so you should keep your scalp dry for around four days. You may experience some itching, so to help with this, you can moisturise the scalp area whilst it heals two days after the treatment. You should avoid anything that makes you sweat excessively, including heavy exercise, saunas and steam rooms. After four or five days, you should wash your scalp with soap and warm water, avoiding any harsh chemicals. Whilst you can cut any existing hair after five days, it is worth being gentle with the area until the ten-day mark, when it should be healed. For up to thirty days after having SMP, you should also avoid swimming pools and hot tubs, and use factor 50 sunscreen. All of these measures will help you to avoid excessive fading, and ensure you have long-lasting results.
Is SMP a Permanent Hair Loss Treatment?
Designed to be a permanent hair loss treatment, this means you can expect the treatment to be long-lasting, though top-up will be required due to the body’s natural cell regeneration processes. Like other kinds of tattoos where ink is permanently inserted into the skin, SMP will fade over time. The treatment results are guaranteed for twelve months, and typically last up to three years. The permanency of your SMP treatment can depend on a number of things, including both your own body and lifestyle. Top-up treatments every three to five years will help you to maintain your new look.
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