What Is Permanent Lip Makeup?
At Cambridge Micropigmentation Centre, we are the best beauty salon in Cambridge, specialising in micropigmentation treatments. We offer a full range of services including a selection of permanent lip makeup. Today we are going to look at what permanent lip makeup is, and the permanent lip colour treatments we offer in the UK.

What is Permanent Lipstick?

If you are tired of reapplying lipstick throughout the day or if you worry about it smearing on your teeth or staining your coffee cup, you will benefit from the simplicity of permanent lip colour. We offer a range of permanent lipstick treatments, including lip contouring, full lip colour, and lip blush using lip tattoo techniques in our Cambridge clinic. We will briefly explain the difference between these treatments, and you can also consult a member of our team to discuss which of our permanent lipstick treatments would suit your lips.

Lip Contouring

Working similarly to lip liner, our lip contour treatment adds definition to your lips, so we can transform your mouth into your desired shape. This treatment is regarded as the foundation for permanent lip makeup, and the increased definition will make you permanently ready to apply lipstick without needing lip liner. Our lip contouring treatment will give your lips an illusion of volume, making it an effective, permanent alternative to more invasive cosmetic treatments.

Lip Blush

Our lip blush treatment is the most popular choice for Cambridge clients. The lip blush benefits from the definition of the lip contouring service, and we also blend the colour towards the body of the lips. This elevated treatment offers a greater definition and enhanced shape that highlights your natural beauty, boosting your overall appearance and confidence. The lip blush treatment offers a subtler look, available at £350.

Full Lip Colour

If you want to benefit from a strong, full permanent lipstick, our full lip colour treatment is a combination of the lip contouring service and a stronger, fuller lip colour than the blush treatment. Our full lip colour is our highest level of treatment for permanent lipstick and offers the most defined shaping. The treatment effectively fights against the appearance of the ageing process, as it redefines any lost shape and restores youthful colour to your lips. Our full lip colour treatment is available at £395, just £45 more than the lip blush service.

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If you are looking for permanent lipstick treatments in the UK, then your search ends here with the Cambridge Micropigmentation Centre. For more information about our permanent lip colour and makeup treatments in Cambridge, please get in touch with a member of our team by completing our contact form or emailing hello@cambsmc.co.uk. You can call 07525 755530 or 01223 662255 to speak to a member of our team directly. We always endeavour to ensure our clients leave us with a positive outlook, so read their testimonials to see the transformative effect of our treatments.