The Best Beauty Salon in Cambridge
Here at Cambridge Micropigmentation Centre, as our name suggests, we specialise in offering micropigmentation treatment, but we are also happy to offer a range of other services to our clients. We believe we’re the best beauty salon in Cambridge, offer addition treatments to SMP, including permanent makeup and microblading, and laser beauty treatments. Read on to find out more about our services and what makes us the best beauty salon.
Scalp Micropigmentation
Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, is a hair loss treatment designed to replicate the appearance of hair for men and women. Whether you are suffering from complete hair loss or bald patches on your scalp, we can use SMP to mimic the appearance of hair follicles. For those without any hair, it offers a buzz cut look, and for those with thinning hair, it can increase the appearance of hair density.
Permanent Makeup and Microblading
As part of our permanent makeup and microblading treatments, we offer a range of services for the eyebrows, eyes, and lips. Like with SMP, we can offer male eyebrow reconstruction, with helps to create a younger looking appearance as all hair fades with age. We also offer more feminine looks with our hair stroke simulation microblading, powdered effect brow, and signature CMC combination package. For permanent lip enhancements, we offer a subtle lip blush, or a full-blown lip colour treatment. For the eyes, we can offer a range of eyelash and eyeliner enhancements.
Laser Beauty Treatments
Our range of laser beauty treatments include laser hair removal, fractional laser resurfacing, and CPL advanced treatments. Laser hair removal not only temporarily removes the hair, but it also offers a permanent reduction, using a Xlase Plus Diode laser. Fractional laser resurfacing treats both the deep and superficial layers of the skin, aiming to improve the overall texture and quality of your skin. CPL advanced treatments offer a range of wavelengths in order to treat various skin conditions. It can tackle unwanted hair, acne, rosacea, thread veins, fine lines and wrinkles, and the visible signs of sun damage.
What Makes Us the Best Beauty Salon
Here at Cambridge Micropigmentation Centre, we are not only a salon, but also a beauty training academy. Whether you are a beginner at the start of your journey into the beauty industry, or a practising beauty therapist, we are sure to have a course that can meet your needs. We offer a CMC beginner microblading course in groups or privately, a full PMU beginner course, and advanced masterclasses in Ombre brows, microblading, male eyebrows, and Latina eyeliner.
Contact Us
If you would to find out more about what makes us the best beauty salon in Cambridge, please get in touch with the team through our online contact form, or by emailing us at You can also talk to a member of our team directly by calling us on either 01223 662255 or 07525 755530. More information can also be discovered from our online blog. We would be happy to help with any queries you may have for us.