Laser Hair Removal in Cambridge
Here at Cambridge Micropigmentation Centre, as the name suggests, we specialise in providing our clients with scalp micropigmentation, but we are also able to offer expert laser hair removal in Cambridge. We provide a range of laser services and today we are focussing on our laser hair removal. We are the only clinic in the whole of Cambridgeshire to offer Xlase advanced laser treatments, which work to offer permanent hair reduction. Read on to find out more.
Male Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal has no gender and more often we are treating male clients for laser hair removal, with common treatment areas being both the chest and back. We can offer a men’s full body laser hair removal treatment for £650 per session. You can save over £300 per session when you book a course of six treatments for a total of £1900. This gives you a total saving of around £2000. If you are happy with hair on your chest area, you can also opt for laser hair removal for just the back and shoulders, which is just £290 per session, or £780 for a course of six treatments. Again, buying in bulk brings you the best savings, saving £160 per session, and £960 in total for all six sessions.
The Xlase Plus Diode Laser
We use the Xlase Plus Diode laser for our hair removal treatments, which use cutting-edge high-power diode technology to target the hair follicles. The treatment is fast and non-invasive and able to target hairs on all skin types (I-VI), without any downtime. You will usually need between three and five sessions to get the desired results and offer a permanent reduction, making sure to leave time between sessions to allow for the hair growth, which happens at different stages, making sure to target as much hair as possible.
The Perfect Time to Begin Treatments
As we enter spring, it is the perfect time to begin your laser hair removal treatments. Although we can treat unwanted hair on skin that has been tanned either by the sun or on sunbeds, as the winter has just passed, skin is usually lighter in spring than at any other time of year. Although autumn and winter may seem like a good time, without such strong sun exposure, the contrast between your hair and skin may not be as great at this time of year if you have had a summer’s worth of exposure to the sun. As the contrast between your hair pigment and your skin is bigger, this means that it is easier for the laser to target each hair follicle to remove it.
Contact Us
If you would to discover more about laser hair removal treatments from our Cambridge clinic, or any training opportunities, please get in touch with the team through our online contact form, or by emailing us at You can also talk to a member of our staff directly by calling us on either 01223 662255 or 07525 755530. You can also find out more